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Six-Minute Stories

About a month ago, while searching for some other microfiction or flash fiction websites, I came across a really cool site called Six Minute Story. The concept of the site is that you are shown a prompt — either a quote, or an image, or something else — and given six minutes to write a story based on it. Once the timer runs out, your story is locked in, and you are given the choice to officially submit it or start over with something new. The prompts change daily, and Fridays are for free-form writing with no prompts.

I’ve written four stories over there so far. You can read them here. I’ve trended towards dark and gloomy stories for some reason, and I think if I was given the opportunity to go back to them, I might add in a couple of words that would turn the tone into something more positive, but it’s been a lot of fun, either way.

Try your hand at writing some stories. It’s really challenging, but totally worthwhile. And the great thing is that if you don’t end up with something you like, it’s only taken you six minutes, so you can just do another one tomorrow!

I strongly recommend the site. Check it out.