Podcast: Happy Friday 012

Happy Friday! Here’s episode 12 of my podcast.

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Show Notes

0:01 – 2:01 Introduction and announcements. The Special People IndieGoGo campaign is up to $525! Enter the Baby Pool and win a copy of DISCOVERY.

2:02 – 5:25 Losing Freight: my article about writing a “Flashback” series, at 1889.ca.

5:26 – 7:19 Year of Stories: discussion of Plasma.

7:20 – 12:36 Novel: progress update and thoughts about a potential Beta Reader program.

12:37 – 13:54 Sign-off. No Q&A this week.


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2 thoughts on “Podcast: Happy Friday 012”

  1. Even if I don’t ask questions, I find this podcast to be very insightful as to your writing style. I like hearing about what’s going on in your mind as you continue with Losing Freight, or what seed of inspiration grew into the week’s story.

    Please don’t give it up because people aren’t asking questions back to you – with the sheer amount of communication avenues open — Twitter, Facebook, Google +, comment threads on the chapters, e-mail — you might find it more effective to comment (in the podcast) about questions and comments that readers have left, and possibly expand on your response or note how the comment made you think about your work.

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