Podcast: Happy Friday 017

Happy Friday! Here’s episode 17 of my podcast.

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Show Notes
0:01 Introduction. Announcements: Who Killed Walter Carton? wraps up, and Hide and Seek starts; progress report on the Special People comic; price drop on naming my mad scientist/necromancer character.

6:50 Year of Stories: Discussion of We Dragons and Leon the Dragon.

11:48 Q&A: Question from @Ocelorean about Innis’s List.

17:05 Sign-off.


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One thought on “Podcast: Happy Friday 017”

  1. Having a physical version of Innis’s list sounds pretty cool. I loved the text books that were put out for the Harry Potter series. Outside world-building stuff like that is always really fun. As for the Innis’s List page, I think for now you should just do the short notes and abilities sections like the current entries, should you add anymore.

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