Flash Fiction: Living the Dream

Since it’s been taking me a bit longer than I hoped to get Feel-Good ready for release, here’s a story I just wrote at Six-Minute Story to hopefully hold you over for a bit. It’s called Living the Dream.

Image by Andreas Solberg, used under Creative Commons. Some rights reserved.

Bobby had lived in his imagination as a child. Within the universe of his mind, he was an action hero, an iron-willed daredevil. He could meet any challenge, snatch victory from the jaws of any defeat, bravely pull off any stunt.

Now that he was older, he was learning more and more that he would probably never trade tracer bullets with South American guerillas, or infiltrate the secret Appalachian hideout of a band of communist child kidnappers, or balance on the hood of a car, guns blazing, while pursuing Somalian bank thief pirates across a perilous frozen lake.

But maybe, just maybe, he could still live those dreams through his words.

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