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What If Our Baby Is Overdue?

What if our baby is overdue and just doesn’t seem to want to come out?

I have no idea what I would do if Baby’s due date came and went and I was still sitting here twiddling my thumbs nine days later. I mean, really, I know it’s not that uncommon, but it would still be totally crazy. Right?

…And here we are. Baby was due to be born on April 3, and it’s now April 12, with no imminent signs of labour. We’ve been into the hospital a couple of times for ultrasounds, to make sure everything’s okay, and all of the signs are good, so the waiting continues.

It’s begun to feel like this Baby isn’t actually ever going to come out. We’re just going to go on indefinitely, with Larissa having difficulty standing up from the couch and me giving her back massages.

Despite that feeling, we have another ultrasound tomorrow, and then we’re on the induction list for this weekend, pending the results of the ultrasound. So one way or another, this baby is coming out sooner rather than later!

And when our baby comes out, no matter what professions or hobbies it engages in once it grows up, I know it’s going to be my favourite baby I’ve ever met.

Baby Watch 2012

Larissa and I are still waiting for Baby’s arrival. We’re three days past the due date now, which isn’t too significant, but we’re definitely starting to get a little antsy!

I’ve been quite busy this week. I had a new research contract come in, so I’ve been throwing myself into that, along with some publishing and book layout work for 1889 Labs. It’s a good thing I’ve built up decent backlogs on some of my projects! I’m about six weeks ahead in the Year of Stories, and the current Special People story arc runs until close to the end of May. I’m really going to need those backlogs, especially once Baby shows up.

Even though I haven’t had as much time as normal for writing this week (other than live-writing a short story this morning), I’m really grateful that I’ve had all this work to do. It takes pressure off the Grocery Fund, that’s for sure! I’d much prefer to treat the Grocery Fund as a goal rather than a necessity.

One way or another, the next few weeks are going to be very interesting. Between my “day job” work and taking care of a newborn, I’ll be finding out whether I can actually keep up with the creative workload that I’ve set myself, or whether I need to cut something back to maintain my sanity. I don’t like to back out on anything, so I’m hoping I find ways to make it all work!

The good news is that even if it turns out that I have to take a bit of a step back creatively, it’ll be because I’m earning more money to support my family, and I’d rather be writing from a position of financial stability than from a position of need.

God has a plan for how all of this will work out. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store!

Happy Easter, everyone.

All Moved In, With Three Weeks To Go

Life has been moving along at a pretty rapid pace over the past several weeks. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a brief update.

Two weeks ago Larissa and I moved into a new two-bedroom suite in one of Victoria’s suburbs. We have at least three times as much floor space here, and we love it!

In addition to going from a single bedroom to two bedrooms, we also now have a separate kitchen and living room, a small dining room, and an office for me to work in.

Getting out of downtown has been nice for a lot of different reasons. For one, there’s no street noise outside when we’re trying to go to sleep. Larissa used to wake up sometimes from all the cars streaming past after the bars closed. Another benefit is that it’s so much nicer to go for walks in and around all the little suburbs and winding streets. We’re only a 15-minute walk away from the beach, too.

We took advantage of all the extra space this weekend to have a bunch of friends over for a combined board game night and DISCOVERY prerelease party. (Sneaky little writing update: I sent in the order for the first print run of DISCOVERY on Saturday. I should be able to start sending out people’s orders by the end of the month.)

Of course, the main reason we moved was so that we would have space for Baby. It’s only three weeks until Larissa’s due date! We went on a hospital tour last week and got to see the facilities where Baby will be welcomed into the world. It made a few things seem a lot more “real” for me. I’m getting so excited for that day to come.

I’ve been telling Larissa that one of the things I’m really looking forward to is sitting on the couch holding Baby while I’m watching playoff hockey later in April. Gotta get the kid started on the right foot, eh? Go Canucks go!

Our Babymoon in Ucluelet

Two weekends ago Larissa and I went on what she called a “babymoon,” a term I hadn’t heard before. Apparently it’s a “thing,” though. It was our last little trip together as just the two of us before Baby arrives about six weeks from now.

At her work Christmas party, Larissa won a two-night stay to the Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It’s beautiful out there! We drove up on Saturday after Larissa got off work, spent Saturday night, all day Sunday, and Monday morning, and drove back down to Victoria on Monday afternoon.

It rained all day Sunday, which isn’t unusual on the Island, especially further north. It’s rain forest country, after all! Not the kind of jungle rain forest you typically associate with the Amazon, but rain forest nonetheless. So we spent the day mostly in our room, relaxing and hanging out together. We did venture down to the main floor in the late morning for the special Valentine’s weekend brunch, and it was awesome. The bacon was particularly good.

During the rest of the day Larissa finished crocheting a baby blanket and I watched some sports. It was good to just get away and not have to worry about anything.

On Monday morning the sun was out, so we took a bit of a walk on the beach. I even convinced her to give me a smooch on the cheek!

We didn’t take a lot of pictures, but I’ve included a few below.

We’ve had our time away now, and we’re in the home stretch to Baby’s arrival! We’re moving into our new place this weekend, so Larissa can get down to some serious nesting. Once our move is done, there won’t be any more big items on our Pre-Baby To-Do List, so we’re looking forward to having that out of the way. Maybe once we’re moved in I’ll do a photo tour, or a brief video showing the place off. Depends what I have time for. These stories don’t write themselves!

What If Our Baby Grows Up To Be Prime Minister?

Personally, I find politics very frustrating and unappealing. Don’t get me wrong: I think politicians are important people, and we need to have good people out there who aspire to be great politicians. For myself, though, I find the partisanship, hostility, and negative campaigning tactics really exhausting.

But if our baby decides to go into politics, then I’m going to do everything I can to help him be a good politician and to become Prime Minister! Because if our baby grows up to be Prime Minister, I’ll probably get to meet lots of famous people, and that’s always fun.

I’ll help our baby run straightforward election campaigns and never stoop to smearing his opponents or trying to dig up their personal histories to make them look bad, like all the other politicians out there do. I’ll advise our Prime Minister baby to do what he knows is good and right, regardless of the public outcry.

Then I’ll get him to declare my birthday a national holiday, of course. Hooray!

Surprise Baby Shower

While Larissa and I were on the mainland last week visiting with family (on both her side and mine), Larissa’s family surprised us with a baby shower. The “surprise” portion of this was no small feat: Larissa is notoriously difficult to surprise.

The closest I’ve come to surprising Larissa was when I gave her an antique secretary desk as a Christmas present a year ago. She had no idea until Christmas Eve, when she followed me downstairs at my parents’ house and found me putting the finishing touches on it.

The way the family managed the surprise this time around was pretty ingenious. Larissa had contacted her cousin, Kristal, asking if she and her husband wanted to get together while we were on the mainland. Kristal invited us over for dinner.

A couple of days later, Kristal mentioned our dinner date to her mom. Aunt Anneliese suggested that they could jump on that opportunity and turn it into a baby shower. Pretty much all of the female sisters, cousins, and in-laws were able to make it work. So we went over on Thursday and had dinner with Shaun and Kristal, and about fifteen minutes after we’d eaten there was a knock on the door and the house flooded with women!

(Larissa cried! It was cute and sweet.)

I spent the evening with Shaun, watching sports highlights and talking about music, books, and movies. In the meantime, Larissa was being showered generously with gifts. Along with all kinds of newborn diapers, toys, and clothes, we also received a brand new car seat! So that’s one of the Baby Fund items crossed off the list. We’ve been taken care of so well that I think the Baby Fund is more or less fully funded at this point. I may have to direct future writing profits towards something else! :)

Thanks so much to our extended family for the baby shower and all of the wonderful gifts.

For more pictures and another write-up of the evening, check out Aunt Anneliese’s blog post. She also has a tutorial on how to build your own Diaper Cake, like the one featured in the picture above.